- Sužinok daugiau apie savo svetainės lankytojus
October 20

If you seek for a private detectives` help, it means you already can‘t deal with the problems that have suddenly arisen or that are gnawing you for a way too long.

If you were looking for a qualified help, you have come exactly to the right place – “Mimoza” agency’s website.

Experience, professionality and customers‘ confidence in us are the key points that we are proud of. Agencys co-workers, that have gained valuable experience and been hardened in various law institutions, are ready to help you in every your concern.

When we are asked what private detective is able to do, we always answer: “Almost everything. Depending on time and money you can spare”.

Usually our customers open the doors to their personal life if circumstances demands it or if it is needed for investigations strategy and tactics. They trust us, because after every task we always stick to our three principles of DON‘T: “Don’t hear, don’t see, don’t talk”.

We have the disposition of the newest and leading-edge technologies, some of them we also suggest to purchase for our clients. Herewith we don’t use any of illegal implements. We never try to make benefit from customers trouble and we also never undertake a task if we have a certain doubt about the impure motives.

We collaborate with our colleagues in Russian Federation and European Union, so we can suggest the most operative and competitive solutions.

You can always appeal to us for help and we will always try our best, because we share your suffering.